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The mission of the DACB is to collect, preserve, and make freely accessible biographical accounts and church histories--from oral and written sources--integral to a scholarly understanding of African Christianity.
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Christian Martyrdom

Manche Masemola Christian martyrs are defined as "believers in Christ who have lost their lives prematurely, in situations of witness, as a result of human hostility" (Barrett and Johnson, World Christian Trends, 227). On average, there were 160,000 martyrs per year in the 20th century, including Christians killed in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and in the Sudanese civil wars (Johnson and Zurlo, "Christian Martyrdom as a Pervasive Phenomenon"). To read Manche Masemola's story, click here. >>Click here for our new Index of Christian Martyrs.

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Women Church Leaders

Abiodun KimuyiAbiodun Kumuyi, 1952 to 2009, Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Nigeria
Considered a "woman of uncommon purpose," Mrs. Abiodun Kumuyi's principal focus was the development of the total woman. She worked tirelessly to alleviate the sufferings of women. She fortified families by exposing them to the biblical principles of a godly home. She led a monthly women's Fellowship of the church which concentrated on both the physical and the spiritual well-being of women. In addition, women were trained in small scale business in order to be able to contribute to the family income. In October of 1992, Kumuyi spear-headed the establishment of a women's magazine entitled the Christian Women Mirror and was the editor until her death in 2009.>> Read Mrs. Abiodun Kumuyi's story.

Resources for Research

Yale Divinity Library Special Collections

Strengths of the library's special collections include, among other things, documentation of the Protestant missionary endeavor. Click here to access the collection.

For those interested in developing an archive, Martha Smalley has developed an Archival Primer.

Yale's Mission Periodicals Online can be accessed here.


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