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The mission of the DACB is to collect, preserve, and make freely accessible biographical accounts and church histories--from oral and written sources--integral to a scholarly understanding of African Christianity.
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Updated August 12, 2014
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Henry JohnsonJohnson, Henry
(1840 to 1901)
Anglican (CMS)
Sierra Leone / Nigeria

Johnson was a rare breed of an agent. He had no misgivings about his African roots. He explored this heritage by probing into local languages and cultures in order to present the gospel through Bible translation. His unique vision commended him to those who saw his strategic value for rooting Christianity among the peoples of West Africa. Of translation work he said: "I am convinced that until [the Mende tribes] can of themselves read the word of God, our success amongst them will continue precarious & unsatisfactory." >>Read his story here

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Giants of African Christianity

Ogbu KaluKalu, Ogbu Uke (1943 to 2009), Presbyterian, Nigeria
Professor Kalu was one of the most influential Nigerian scholars in the fields of Global Missions, African Christianity, and Global Pentecostalism. For forty years, he provided leadership in theological education in Africa and expanded the boundaries of Church History. A prolific writer, Kalu authored or edited more than sixteen books including African Christianity: An African Story (University of Pretoria Press, 2005) and African Pentecostalism: An Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2008), which is already regarded by many as the authoritative work on the subject. >>Read his story

Resources for Research

Day Missions Periodicals Listing

The Yale Divinity Library’s NEH-funded digitization project is now substantially complete. More than 5,500 reports and periodical issues have been digitized. Links to the online materials are available at:

>> Day Missions Collection: Periodicals

>> Day Missions Collection: Annual Reports.

Evangelist Dies at 94

Mehari Choramo (c. 1920 to 2014, Wolaitta Kale Heywat Church, Ethiopia) was a pioneer missionary who served the church for sixty-five years in the south and southwest of Ethiopia. His ministry for thirty-one years among the fearsome people of Hamar transformed their violent and nomadic society. >>Read his story here and here.
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