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catholic | protestant | independent | orthodox

Source: Operation World

Population 2015: 2,120,000, 30% urban

Christians: 92.1%
Muslims: 0.05%
Ethnoreligionists: 6.6%
Baha'is: 0.88%

Number of Christians:1,953,000
Catholics: 1,130,000
Protestant: 516,000
Independents: 220,000
Orthodox: 0

Source: World Christian Database accessed Sept 14, 2015

Key: * Story has photo; FR Story in French; POR Story in Portuguese; SWA Story in Swahili.

Gérard, Joseph Catholic      
Mabathoana, Emmanuel* Catholic      
Skhakhane, Jerome Catholic      
Arbousset, Thomas Protestant      
Archbell, James Methodist      
Casalis, Eugene (A) French Reformed Church      
Casalis, Eugene (B) French Reformed Church      
Coillard, François (A)* Protestant      
Coillard, François (B)* Protestant FR    
Coillard, François (C)* Protestant      
Debard, Myrto Protestant FR    
Dieterlen, Hermann Protestant (SMEP) FR    
Mabille, Adolphe (A) Paris Evangelical Mission Society      
Mabille, Adolphe (B) Paris Evangelical Mission Society      
Maekane, Patrick Anglican      
Makhetha, Fortescue Anglican      
Masunyane, Ezekiel Primitive Methodist      
Senatle, Harold African Methodist Episcopal Church   POR  
Masopha Independent   POR  
Moshoeshoe Independent