Resources for Writers and Educators

1. Introduction to the Project

2. Submission Guidelines:

  • Guidelines for Researchers and Writers : A general outline of the content expected in a DACB biography.
  • The Instructional Manual for Researchers and Writers (PDF): The DACB reference manual that contains (1) Instructions for Contributing Writers (technique and format); (2) Oral History Techniques (3) Procedures for Implementing the DACB at Participating Institutions.
  • Writing biography. Two brief articles: “The Strengths and Limitations of Biography” by Dr. Jonathan Bonk, Project Director and “The Craft of Writing Religious Biography,” by Dr. Dana Robert, DACB Editorial Committee member.
  • Potential Subjects A suggested list of biographical subjects by country. Check here to see which biographies the DACB already has.
  • Bibliography A list of Africa-related works useful for background research.

3. Oral History materials:

4. Project Luke Fellowship

The Project Luke Fellowship offers scholarships to African scholars, clergy, and lay people in order to help fund their research and writing of African Christian biographies. A list of these scholars and their stories can be found here.

5. Being a Participating Institution

What does it mean to be a “participating institution”? How can my institution sign up? For answers to those questions, please read our Guidelines.

Additional Guidelines:

6. Establishing an Institutional Archive