Ressources Bibliographiques

Cette page comprend des bibliographies avec d'importantes sources primaires et secondaires sur le christianisme africain.

The following indexes contain potential DACB subjects, both Africans and missionaries, listed here for reference, to inform and encourage future research.

How to use these pages:

  1. Consult these pages if you wish to write a biography for the DACB and are searching for ideas of people whose biographies do not yet appear in the DACB. A subject without ENG, FR, POR or SWA in the column next to the name indicates that the DACB doesn’t have a biography on that person. Subjects with ENG, FR, POR or SWA in the links columns have biographies. Return to the country page to view the story.

  2. Consult these pages in order to avoid writing a duplicate biography by checking to see whether the DACB has a biography on a specific person. However, we do invite alternate accounts of a subject’s life that enrich and enlarge the biographies already on the website.

  3. Here are some bibliographies resources which could be useful. Here.

Références de l’Église Africaine Ancienne Références bibliographiques complètes notées sous forme abrégée dans l’index de l’Église africaine ancienne.
Tous les Sujets Potentiels 4911 Sujets Potentiels
Chrétiens Anciens 590 Sujets Potentiels
Algérie 60 Sujets Potentiels
Angola 42 Sujets Potentiels
Bénin 23 Sujets Potentiels
Botswana 27 Sujets Potentiels
Burkina Faso 6 Sujets Potentiels
Burundi 30 Sujets Potentiels
Cameroun 114 Sujets Potentiels
Cap-Vert 19 Sujets Potentiels
République Centrafricaine 11 Sujets Potentiels
Tchad 6 Sujets Potentiels
[Comores] 0 Sujets Potentiels
République Démocratique du Congo 182 Sujets Potentiels
Congo 40 Sujets Potentiels
Côte d’Ivoire 13 Sujets Potentiels
[Djibouti] 0 Sujets Potentiels
Egypte 529 Sujets Potentiels
Guinée Équatoriale 1 Sujets Potentiels
Érythrée 5 Sujets Potentiels
Ethiopie 652 Sujets Potentiels
Gabon 92 Sujets Potentiels
Gambie 12 Sujets Potentiels
Ghana 133 Sujets Potentiels
Guinée 13 Sujets Potentiels
La Guinée-Bissau 4 Sujets Potentiels
Kenya 217 Sujets Potentiels
Lesotho 112 Sujets Potentiels
Libéria 36 Sujets Potentiels
Libye 8 Sujets Potentiels
Madagascar 234 Sujets Potentiels
Malawi 91 Sujets Potentiels
Mali 13 Sujets Potentiels
Mauritanie 4 Sujets Potentiels
Maurice 9 Sujets Potentiels
Mayotte 2 Sujets Potentiels
Maroc 43 Sujets Potentiels
Mozambique 165 Sujets Potentiels
Namibie 47 Sujets Potentiels
Niger 14 Sujets Potentiels
Nigeria 437 Sujets Potentiels
Réunion 6 Sujets Potentiels
Rwanda 36 Sujets Potentiels
[Sainte-Hélène] 0 Sujets Potentiels
[São Tomé-et-Principe] 0 Sujets Potentiels
Sénégal 32 Sujets Potentiels
Seychelles 2 Sujets Potentiels
Sierra Leone 138 Sujets Potentiels
Somalie 3 Sujets Potentiels
Afrique Du Sud 519 Sujets Potentiels
Soudan 139 Sujets Potentiels
Eswatini 56 Sujets Potentiels
Tanzanie 177 Sujets Potentiels
Togo 45 Sujets Potentiels
Tunisia 101 Sujets Potentiels
Ouganda 254 Sujets Potentiels
[Sahara Occidental] 0 Sujets Potentiels
Zambie 124 Sujets Potentiels
Zimbabwe 83 Sujets Potentiels
Autres Sujets 128 Sujets Potentiels

Newly Redesigned Website for WCC Library and Archives (Parts 1 & 2)

A number of valuable resources in the World Council of Chuches archives have been microfilmed or microfiched and are held at the Yale Divinity Library (among other places.) Microform collections include:

International Missionary Council Archives: 1910-1961: Fiche Ms85)

World Council of Churches records:

World Student Christian Federation Archives:
(held at the World Council of Churches and Yale Divinity Library)  (Yale Fiche Ms1123)

Old and New in Shona Religion Website

A new resource recently unveiled by the Center for Global Christianity and Mission at Boston University School of Theology, this multimedia website showcases the photography and work of Dr. M. L. Daneel. His decades of research among the Shona people of Southern Africa have yielded a wealth of photographs and publications documenting African initiated churches and traditional religions. The Old and New in Shona Religion website makes these resources available online.

Yale Divinity Library Special Collections

Strengths of the library’s special collections include, among other things, documentation of the Protestant missionary endeavor. Click here to access the collection.

For those interested in developing an archive, Martha Smalley has developed an Archival Primer.

Yale’s Mission Periodicals Online can be accessed here.

Mission 21 / Basel Mission Image Archive

Photographs taken at the intersection of European, African, and Asian cultures from 1850 to 1950 Selections from the Archive. See

Writing Biography

To read our new articles on writing biography: “The Strengths and Limitations of Biography” by Director Jonathan Bonk and “The Craft of Writing Religious Biography,” by Dr. Dana Robert, DACB Editorial Committee member, click here.

Programs and Associations

Doctoral Dissertations

History of Missiology and AIC Photo Archive

The Theology Library of Boston University has a collection of missionary biographies, reports, sermons and theologies that provide a rich resource for mission studies.

Day Missions Periodicals Listing

The Yale Divinity Library’s NEH-funded digitization project is now substantially complete. More than 5,500 reports and periodical issues have been digitized. Links to the online materials are available at:

Video Resources from James Ault

James Ault is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, author and scholar. He has recently released his African Christianity Rising documentary film series (plus ancillary educational materials) filmed largely in Ghana and Zimbabwe. You can view his materials on his Vimeo site and on his African Christianity Rising webpage. His African Christianity channels can be accessed here and here.

The Story of Africa from the BBC

The Story of Africa, an online resource presented by the BBC.

Evaluating Sources

Guides for evaluating the authority and reliability of information sources found online or in print:

International Mission Photo Archive

The International Mission Photo Archive offers historical images from Protestant and Catholic missionary collections in Britain, Norway, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the United States. The photographs, which range in time from the middle of the nineteenth to the middle of the twentieth century, offer a visual record of missionary activities and experiences in Africa, China, Madagascar, India, Papua-New Guinea, and the Caribbean.

The Center for the Study of Global Christianity

On its Web site, the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary offers resources for research and a list of their publications.