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Check out the April-July 2022 Journal of African Christian Biography, a double issue published both in English and in French on the history of the Anabaptist-Mennonite movement in Africa. This issue is both the product and the embodiment of the 25-year legacy of the Dictionary of African Christian Biography—a resource designed both to document the lives of African Christian pioneers and to inspire further research efforts to preserve their memory.

The DACB and the JACB are pioneering new ways of doing history, of publishing history, and of disseminating history for the African and global church—ways that give voice, belonging, and access to people who hitherto stood on the threshold of this community. We invite you to participate in our vision of building the global church by telling the stories of God’s people in Africa. We need the help of our friends!

Although the DACB has been, since 2012, a digital project affiliated with the Center for Global Christianity and Mission at Boston University, its financial needs, staff salaries, and publications are funded almost entirely by donations. Please consider making a donation or a multi-year pledge to the project. 100% of your gift will directly support the DACB and is tax deductible (US donors).

With gratitude, in the spirit of international collaboration.

Michèle Sigg, PhD

Executive Director, Dictionary of African Christian Biography (DACB)
Directrice, Dictionnaire Biographique des Chrétiens d’Afrique (DIBICA)
Editor, Journal of African Christian Biography (JACB)
Center for Global Christianity and Mission, Boston University School of Theology