Oral History Training Materials

Here you will find sources on oral history methodology, including the full DACB Oral History Workshop curriculum, complete with worksheets.

  1. Complete Oral History Workshop Curriculum (PDF): “Doing Oral History: Helping Christians Tell Their Own Story” - Class Curriculum based on original work by Dr. Jean-Paul Wiest and revised by Dr. Michèle Sigg (2015)
  2. Guidelines for Researchers and Writers: Template for Collecting Basic Information (PDF); Word: This template can serve as a data-collecting tool for oral history research.
  3. Biography Review Checklist (PDF): This checklist helps writers to critically review the drafts of their biographies.
  4. DACB Oral History Booklet, Kampala, October 2008 (PDF); booklet cover (PDF file): The booklet contains a selection of DACB biographies of the church in Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi.
  5. DACB General Guidelines: Word; PDF
  6. Interview Procedure: Word; PDF
  7. Interview techniques: Word; PDF
  8. Planning/sign up document: Word; PDF