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Total Articles: 2445
Total Articles: 569
Total Articles: 187
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Number of Biographies for Each Affiliation

Note: Some biographies are counted in multiple groups.

Affiliation Total No. of Bios
Africa Evangelical Church 3
Africa Inland Church 17
Africa Inland Mission 11
African Apostolic Church of John Maranke 1
African Christian Holy Ghost Church 1
African Greek Orthodox Church 3
African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa 1
African Israel Church Nineveh 3
African Methodist Episcopal Church 9
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 4
African Orthodox Church 4
Aladura Church 2
Algiers Missions Band 1
American Episcopal Church 1
Amistad Committee 1
Ana a Mulungu Church (The Children of God Church) 1
Ancient Christian Church 146
Anglican Communion 189
Anglican Communion (Adam Preaching Society) 1
Anglican Communion (Bible Church Missionary Society) 1
Anglican Communion (Church of Kenya) 4
Anglican Communion (Church of Nigeria) 5
Anglican Communion (Church of the Congo) 16
Anglican Communion (Church of the Province of Southern Africa) 5
Anglican Communion (Church of the Sudan) 3
Anglican Communion (Church of Uganda) 64
Anglican Communion (Church Missionary Society) 189
Anglican Communion (Episcopal) 18
Anglican Communion (Order of Ethiopia) 4
Apostolic Church 2
Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa 1
Apostolic Reform Church 1
Assemblies of God 16
Baptist 59
Baptist Missionary Society 8
Basel Mission 21
Berhane Wengel Church 3
Berlin Missionary Society 2
Bethel Mission 2
Blackman's Church 1
Bremen Mission 1
Brethren Church 1
Brethren in Christ 2
Burundi Evangelical Friends Church 1
Catholic Church 379
Catholic Church (ALCP/OSS) 1
Catholic Church (capuchin) 2
Catholic Church (Dominican) 5
Catholic Church (Holy Ghost Fathers) 3
Catholic Church (IMC) 1
Catholic Church (Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary) 2
Catholic Church (Jesuit) 12
Catholic Church (Lazarist) 1
Catholic Church (Maryknoll Sisters) 5
Catholic Church (Spiritan) 5
Catholic Church (SVD) 1
Catholic Church (Verona Fathers) 1
Catholic Church (White Fathers) 11
Catholic Church (White Sisters) 1
Celestial Church of Christ 2
Cherubim and Seraphim Church of Zion 1
Cherubim and Seraphim Society (Aladura) 4
Chosen Evangelical Revival 1
Christ Apostolic Church (Aladura) 11
Christ Apostolic Church of Glory 1
Christ Apostolic Mission Church 1
Christ Army Church 2
Christ Deliverance Church 1
Christ Healing Evangelical Church 1
Christ Holy Church International 5
Christian Alliance Church 2
Christian Assembly in Chad 1
Christian Reformed Church 1
Church of Central Africa Presbyterian 18
Church of Christ 2
Church of Christ and Companions 1
Church of Christ in Africa (Johera) 2
Church of Christ in Nigeria 8
Church of Christ in the Congo (CADELU) 2
Church of Christ in the Congo (CBCE) 1
Church of Christ in the Congo (CBCO) 10
Church of Christ in the Congo (CBFC) 7
Church of Christ in the Congo (CEAC) 2
Church of Christ in the Congo (CECA) 8
Church of Christ in the Congo (CECU) 3
Church of Christ in the Congo (CEFMC) 3
Church of Christ in the Congo (CEUM) 2
Church of Christ in the Congo (CMCO) 1
Church of Christ in the Congo (CNCA) 2
Church of Christ in the Congo (CPCO) 1
Church of Christ in the Sudan Among the Tiv 2
Church of Deliverance and Complete Salvation in Jesus Christ 1
Church of God Mission 2
Church of Jesus Christ on Earth Through the Prophet Simon Kimbangu 7
Church of Mangembo 1
Church of Scotland 11
Church of the Blacks 1
Church of the Bretheren (Mboka Polo) 1
Church of the Brethren 1
Church of the Brethren in Nigeria 2
Church of the Holy Spirit 1
Church of the Lord (Aladura) 11
Church of the Nazarene 209
Congregational 38
Coptic Church 7
Coptic Evangelical Church 1
Covenant Church 4
Deeper Christian Life Ministry 1
Deliverance Church 1
Disciples of Christ 1
Divine Healing Church of Christ 1
Dorothea Mission 3
Dutch Reformed Church 28
Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa 2
Ebenezer Baptist Church 1
Ecumenical 2
Elim Church of Pentecost 1
Elim Missionary Assembly 1
Emmanuel Baptist Church 1
Emmanuel Community 1
Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church 4
Ethiopian Catholic Church in Zion 1
Ethiopian Church of Gazaland in Zimbabwe 1
Ethiopian Church of South Africa 6
Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus 5
Ethiopian Orthodox Church 3
Ethiopian Orthodox Church (Stephanite Movement) 1
Ethiopian Orthodox Church of South Africa 1
Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church 2
Evangelical 7
Evangelical Baptist Church of Malawi 2
Evangelical Brotherhood of Pentecost in Africa in Congo (Nzambe Malamu Church) 1
Evangelical Christian Church of Angola 1
Evangelical Church in Chad 1
Evangelical Church Jehovah through Jesus Christ 1
Evangelical Church of Angola 2
Evangelical Church of Cameroon 4
Evangelical Church of Congo 5
Evangelical Church of West Africa 8
Evangelical Church SIM 2
Evangelical Community of Congo 1
Evangelical Congregational Church of Angola 1
Evangelical Lutheran Church 1
Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia 3
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon 7
Evangelical Mennonite Church of Burkina Faso 4
Evangelical Mennonite Community 1
Evangelical Mission 3
Evangelical Protestant 1
Evangelical Protestant Church of Mali 1
Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ 2
Evanglical Synodal Church of Angola 3
Evangelical United Brethren 1
Evangelistic Prayer Band 2
Fellowship Church 1
Fellowship of Mennonite Brethren Churches in the Congo (CEFMC) 3
Finland Mission 1
Finland Mission Church (Pentecostal) 1
Foursquare Gospel Church 5
Free Church 2
Free Church of Scotland 5
Free Church of the Canton of Vaud 3
Free Churches of Pentecost in Africa 1
Free Methodist Church 1
Free-will Baptist Church 1
French Reformed Church 2
Friends Church (Quakers) 4
Friends of the Holy Spirit 1
Full Gospel Believers Church 1
Full Gospel Church (Debre Zeit) 3
Full Gospel Churches of Kenya (FGCK) 1
German Baptist 1
German Evangelical Church 1
Ghana Evangelical Society 1
Glad Tidings Evangelistic Ministry 1
Glasgow Missionary Society 2
Go Ye Evangelistic Association 1
Gospel Apostolic Church 1
Gospel Missionary Union 3
Gospel of God Church 2
Gospel Outreach church 1
Greek Orthodox Church 2
Guenet Church 1
Harrist Church 7
Head Mountain of God Apostolic Church in Zion 1
Holiness Union Mission 1
Holy Flock of Christ Worldwide 1
Ibandla Loku Kanya (Church of the Light) 2
Independent 18
Kale Heywet Church 20
Kenya Assemblies of God 1
Livingstone Interior Mission 1
London Missionary Society 28
Lumpa Church 3
Lutheran 37
Lutheran (Norwegian Missionary Society) 18
Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria 5
Lutheran Evangelical Church of the RCA 5
Malakite Church 4
Maronite Catholic Church of Lebanon 4
Mekane Yesus Church 5
Mende Mission 1
Mennonite 1
Meserete Kristos Church (Mennonite Mission) 2
Methodist 60
Methodist Church in Kenya 1
Methodist Church Nigeria 1
Methodist Episcopal Church 9
Methodist Missionary Society 1
Mission Lord Church 1
Missionary Center of the Rock 1
Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate 1
Moravian Church 15
Nairobi Pentecostal Church 1
Native Baptist Church 1
Nazarite Baptist Church 2
New Church of Africa 1
New Jerusalem Melter Church 1
Niger Delta Pastorate 1
Nigerian Baptist Convention 66
North Africa Mission 2
Open Brethren (Christian Missions in Many Lands) 5
Orthodox Church 137
Ossa-Madih Church 1
Paris Evangelical Missionary Society 5
Peaceful Healing Church 2
Pentecost Evangelical Assembly 1
Pentecostal 15
Pentecostal Church of the Congo 1
Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria 1
Prayer Palace Christian Center 1
Prayerful Apostolic Church (Gboran) 1
Pre-Christian 1
Presbyterian 66
Presbyterian Church of Africa 2
Presbyterian Church of Ghana 1
Presbyterian Church of Nigeria (Church of Scotland Mission) 4
Presbyterian Church of the Sudan 1
Primitive Methodist 3
Protestant 72
Protestant Evangelical Church of Guinea 1
Protestant Mission 1
Protestant Unity Church (Oruuano) 2
Qua Iboe Mission 1
Redeemed Christian Church of God 1
Reformed 6
Reformed African Church 1
Reformed Church in Zambia 4
Reformed Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM) 4
Rhenish Missionary Society 3
Saint Ewolomi Cathedral of Cherubim and Seraphim Paradise Church 1
St. Paul Mission Church 1
Salem Gospel Mission International 1
Scriptural Holiness Mission 1
Scripture Union 1
Seventh-Day Adventist 62
Sheepfold Ministries 1
Shiri Chena Church 1
Society of African Missions 1
Somali Believers Fellowship 1
South Africa General Mission 2
St. Jacob's Apostolic Church 1
St. John's Apostolic Faith Mission 3
Step by Step with Jesus Christ Missionary Church 1
Sudan Interior Mission 10
Sudan United Mission 2
Sureway International Ministries (Pentecostal) 1
Swedish Evangelical Mission 1
The African Church 4
The Antonian Movement 4
The Apostolic Church 8
The Church of Christ, the Congregation of All Saints of South Africa 1
The Church of Pentecost 1
The Gospel Faith Mission International 1
The Israelites 2
The Living Church of Jesus Christ 1
The Sound of the Trumpet Evangelical Church 1
Thembu National Church 5
Traditional Religionist 14
Union Baptist Church 1
Union of Baptist Committee Churches 1
Union of Evangelical Churches in Angola 3
United Brethren in Christ 2
United Church of Cherubim and Seraphim 1
United Church of Christ 1
United Congregational Church of Southern Africa 1
United Evangelical Lutheran Church 1
United Free Church of Scotland 6
United Gospel Faith Tabernacle 1
United Missionary Church of Africa 14
United Presbyterian Mission 3
Unknown Religious Affiliation 1
Voice of Redemption Gospel Church 1
Voice of Salvation and Healing Church 1
Watch Tower 5
Wesleyan Methodist 10
Wolaitta Kale Heywet Church 7
World Evangelization Crusade (WEC) 1
Zambezi Evangelical Church 1
Zion Apostolic Faith Mission Church 3
Zion Christian Church 3
Zionist Church 1