Introductory Materials

This page has documents introducing the work of the DACB, its modus operandi, and applications in educational settings—in churches, colleges, seminaries, or universities.

So many biographies, you don’t know where to start? Visit our Daily Story Calendar to read a sample of biographies from across Africa and all Christian traditions, since the beginning of the Christian era–one for each day of the month. Enjoy!

1. Introduction to the Project

2. Submission Guidelines:

3. Establishing an Institutional Archive

4. Project Luke Fellowship

From 2000 to 2011, the Project Luke Fellowship offered scholarships to African scholars, clergy, and lay people in order to help fund their research and writing of African Christian biographies. A list of these scholars and their stories can be found here.

5. Being a Participating Institution

What does it mean to be a “participating institution”? How can my institution sign up? For answers to those questions, please read our Guidelines.

Additional Guidelines:

6. Affiliated Projects