Introductory Materials

This page has documents introducing the work of the DACB, its modus operandi, and applications in educational settings—in churches, colleges, seminaries, or universities.

So many biographies, you don't know where to start? Visit our Story Calendar to read a sample of biographies (August to November 2022) from across Africa and all Christian traditions, since the beginning of the Christian era--one for each day of the month. Enjoy!

1. Introduction to the Project

  • What is the DACB?

    Introduction of our website.

  • How the DACB began, and where it is going

    A brief history of the project's beginnings.

  • Ecclesiastical Cartography and the Invisible Continent

    The rationale and the vision behind the project, presented in by Dr. Jonathan J. Bonk, Project Director.

  • Introduction to the DACB

    The PDF of a 30-minute presentation that gives an overview of the project.

  • DACB Data

    View statistical data on the number and variety of biographies present in the dictionary.

2. Submission Guidelines

  • Guidelines for Researchers and Writers

    A general outline of the content expected in a DACB biography.

  • Guidelines for Journal of African Christian Biography content

    Scroll down the page to find guidelines for articles, interviews, and book reviews.

  • The Instructional Manual for Researchers and Writers

    The DACB reference manual that contains (1) Instructions for Contributing Writers (technique and format); (2) Oral History Techniques (3) Procedures for Implementing the DACB at Participating Institutions.

  • Writing biography

    Two brief articles: "The Strengths and Limitations of Biography" by Dr. Jonathan Bonk, Project Director and "The Craft of Writing Religious Biography," by Dr. Dana Robert, DACB Editorial Committee member.

  • Potential Subjects

    A suggested list of biographical subjects by country. Check here to see which biographies the DACB already has.

  • Bibliography

    A list of Africa-related works useful for background research.

  • Citation Guidelines

    A guide for how to cite biographies.

3. Establishing an Institutional Archive

  • Rescuing the Memory of our Peoples

    Archives Manual.

  • Sauvegarder la Mémoire de nos Peuples: Manual d’archivistique

    Archives Manual in French.

  • Uokaoji wa Makumbusho ya Watu Wetu: Maelezo ya Kumbukumbu

    Archive Manual in Swahili.

  • Rescatando la Memoria de Nuestros Pueblos

    Archives Manual in Spanish.

4. Project Luke Fellowship

  • Project Luke Fellowship

    From 2000 to 2011, the Project Luke Fellowship offered scholarships to African scholars, clergy, and lay people in order to help fund their research and writing of African Christian biographies. A list of these scholars and their stories can be found here.

5. Being a Participating Institution

  • Being a Participating Institution

    What does it mean to be a "participating institution"? How can my institution sign up? For answers to those questions, please read our Guidelines.

  • Guidelines for Non African Participating Institutions

  • Guidelines for Affiliated Research Institutions

6. Affiliated Projects

  • Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity

    Internet Access Needed