Collected Memories

The urgent task of the DACB is to retrieve and preserve the memory of individuals who have played a role in the birth and growth of African Christianity. This index serves as a repository of memories that do not yet qualify as full biographies.

Disclaimer: This is a collection of eyewitness and fragmentary accounts, including eulogies, obituaries, and primary materials, sometimes lacking sources and proper academic verification for accuracy.

Dube, Adelaide

1900s | African Methodist Episcopal Church , South Africa

Adelaide Tantsi Dube was an accomplished poet, married to Charles Dube, brother of John. She published both in Zulu and in English. She was an early teacher of note in the first few years of the 20th century. She and Charles taught at Ohlange School. One of her poems, entitled “Africa: My Native Land,” spoke about the 1913 Land Act...
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Dube, Nokutela

1872-1917 | Protestant , South Africa

Nokutela Dube was the first wife of John Langalibalele Dube. She played a leading role at the industrial school at Inanda, Ohlange Institute where she was the head of the domestic and the music departments. Under her leadership, the school gained a reputation for the musicians it produced. Nokutela was a talented singer and the first published African woman composer....
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Kumah, Divine Philip Yao

1959-2017 | Ghana Evangelical Society , Ghana

Divine Philip Yao Kumah was born in the Volta region. After receiving an extensive education in accounting, management, and publishing, he went into full-time ministry. He served as administrative manager in the Ghana Evangelical Society, then joined Calvary Baptist Church. In 1986, he launched The Watchman magazine that advocated for persecuted Christians in other countries. He started Sonlife Press in...
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Kiplagat, Bethuel A.

1936-2017 | Anglican Communion , Kenya

Bethuel Abdu Kiplagat was a distinguished Kenyan diplomat, ecumenist, and mentor who served in many roles, with great impact both in Africa and abroad. For more than half a century, he consistently promoted reconciliation, with the ecumenical movement as the frame of reference. He featured in most ecumenical initiatives for reconciliation across all of Africa. His leadership in major national,...
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Mveng, Engelbert

1930-1995 | Catholic Church , Cameroon

Fr. Engelbert Mveng SJ (born May 9, 1930) was a Cameroonian Jesuit priest, artist and scholar, who researched and published in theology, history and anthropology. His scholarly ideas found aesthetic expression in his numerous paintings. Arising from the heart of Africa’s traditional aesthetics, Mveng’s art pieces found their way to different parts of the world and became a real patrimony...
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Gatu, John

1925 - 2017 | Presbyterian , Kenya

A Long Life Well LivedThe April 2017 Issue of the DACB Journal features a profile of Moderator John G. Gatu, the veteran Kenyan Presbyterian Pastor, Revivalist, Ecumenist, Peacemaker, Counselor, Poet, Orator. Prior to publication he had carefully read and approved the text, approved the facts therein, with subtle clarifications.He died on May 11, after nine days in hospital. Eight weeks...
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Machozi, Vincent

1965 - 2016 | Catholic Church , Democratic Republic of Congo

On March 20, 2016, Machozi, an Assumptionist priest, was gunned down by a group of armed militants in the village of Katolu, near Butembo, in the North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was 51. He was killed in the courtyard of a social center where peace keeping meetings with local Nande chiefs were being held. His...
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Macgoye (nee King), Marjorie Oludhe

1928 – 2015 | Anglican Communion , Kenya

Heralded by many as one of the “mothers of Kenyan literature,” Macgoye, a.k.a. “MOM,” was a prolific poet and novelist who chose to write mostly about her adoptive Kenyan and Luo culture. Her many works include an epic poem, “Song of Nyarloka,” and “A Freedom Song” as well as several book length works.She arrived in Kenya in 1954 as a...
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Pirouet, Louise

1928 – 2012 | Anglican Communion (Church Missionary Society) , Uganda

Louise Pirouet (1928-2012) has been described as “a master of the short biography” (comment by Terry Barringer who gave the eulogy at her funeral). She was one of pioneers of the study of Ugandan Christianity, seconded from the Church Missionary Society to the Department of Religious Studies, Makerere University from 1964 to 1970. While there she researched and completed her...
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