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  • African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories Rev. Joseph G. Healey, MM
  • African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories: Society and Culture Facebook page
  • Pitts Theological Library at Emory University This is a link to a description of some of what we hold at Pitts Theology Library. The most valuable dimension of this link is the further embedded link to our library catalogue, the 850 number. By clicking on this embedded link, researchers are directed to periodical holdings catalogued under the subject heading “sub-saharan african periodicals.” Researchers can then refine their search within the collection by making selections from the left panel of the online catalogue; subject, author, and language may be of most use to determine if we hold particular items. (from Jennifer Aycock)
  • Orthodox Research Institute “The Origin of Orthodoxy in East Africa.” This website offers resources, articles, links, book titles, and information on the work and mission of the Orthodox Research Institute.

Teaching Resources: Curriculum Booklet

Stories of Faith and Leadership from Africa: Select Biographies of Leaders from the Continent’s Rich Christian History

By Kyama Mugambi, PhD


The story of Christianity on the continent is a story of how God’s Truth in the Person of Jesus Christ crosses geographic, social, cultural, and even gender barriers. Here we see struggle and triumph, victory and persecution. The story of Christianity is also about Africans engaging their minds, theologically, as they sought to understand and present the Messiah as best as they could. African scholars contributed to orthodoxy, the quest to find and communicate the correct, accepted Christian doctrine. In the story you meet different kinds of leaders who showed courage, and fortitude as they engaged in mission, presenting the Gospel to their generation, in their context. This story is both about historic mission churches and indigenous new expressions. It is as much about women as it is about men. It is as much about the youth as it is about older people. This short book tries to capture all these elements through just a few representative stories.

In this book you will find narratives about African leaders whose lives left a mark not just on the continent, but in the history of the entire Christian community. Their lives are by no means the most important. In fact these stories represent a great many leaders whose contributions have not been preserved in writing. Their names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and in hearts of those they served during their lives.

Download this textbook of African Christion history (college level) by Dr. Kyama Mugambi: Stories of Faith and Leadership from Africa

Annotated Bibliography: Christianity and Islam–Biographies

Ramey, Grace. Annotated Bibliography of Christian Interaction with Islam in Africa. Boston University Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) Final Project, June 2020.

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Chuka University Jerusha Kanyua Documentary
Learn about Jerusha Kanyua, a phenomenal woman who, besides having had a church named in her honour (the J.K.M.C) and being a seer, is also credited for being one of the early pioneers of Ndagani.
Cinematographer: Victor Murithi
Documentary bibliography of written and oral sources.
Large portions of the film script are direct quotes from the excellent biography of Jerusha Kanyua, by Dr. Dickson Nkonge Kagema. ***

Kanyua, Jerusha.

From Victor Murithi, cinematographer

This two-part series entitled African Christianity Rising: Stories from Ghana (part 1) and Stories from Zimbabwe (part 2), a project of James Ault Productions, focuses on Christianity’s explosive growth in Africa and its meaning for the world community and the world church. This excerpt vividly introduces the historical background out of which emerged the vision for the Dictionary of African Christian Biography project. From footage shot in 1998 in Ghana and 2006 in Ghana and the USA. Principal camera, Tom Hurwitz. Additional camera, William Sefa and Jim Ault. Sound, Francis Kwakye. Principal editor, Kate Purdie. Initial editing, Jean Boucicaut.

African Christianity Rising: Stories from Ghana (opening)

from James Ault on Vimeo

African Christianity Rising: Stories from Zimbabwe (opening)

from James Ault on Vimeo

Kwame Bediako: Excerpts from His Life-Story

from James Ault on Vimeo

Kwame Bediako, outstanding African scholar and theologian, and DACB Advisory Council member, died on June 10, 2008. You can read his full story at

Watch excerpt of Kwame Bediako’s life story.