Release of African Christian Biography Volume

ACB Volume Cluster Publications of South Africa has just released African Christian Biography, edited by Dana L. Robert, a volume of the proceedings of the African Christian Biography Conference held at Boston University in October 2015.

About this book: The papers in this volume narrate the histories of leading African Christians, and reflect on the meaning of writing African Christian biographies. Written to celebrate the Dictionary of African Christian Biography (, this volume shows why remembering the lives of Christian leaders remains important for understanding African history, Christian identities, and African contributions to the shaping of World Christianity. The authors include some of the world’s leading scholars of African Christianity in its social, political, and theological contexts. Subjects of the papers range from an Ethiopian saint, to kings and queens, history making Protestant pastors, and women whose hidden stories undergird their transformative leadership of family, church and society.

You may view or download: Table of Contents Promotional flier