1650- Catholic Church (Dominican)

According to J. du Plessis, the first African to be ordained in Southern Africa was ordained by the Dominican Fathers of the Roman Catholic Church in Mozambique. He was the eldest son of Chief Kaprazine, who was captured as a prisoner in a tribal war, was sent to India and entrusted to Dominican Fathers for instruction. He was baptized with the name of Miguel and ultimately became a Dominican Friar, and earned the reputation of being the most powerful Preacher in Southern Africa. In 1670 the General of the Dominican Order conferred on him the title of Master of Theology, which, according to J. du Plessis, is equivalent to our present degree of Doctor of Divinity. He died as Vicar of a Dominican Convent in India.

T. S. N. Gqubule


T. S. N. Gqubule. Abuse of a Genius: Edward Muller Kece Mnganga 1822-1945: The Story of Father Edward Mnganga, The First Zulu Catholic Priest.