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Dunger, George Albert


George Albert Dunger was a Baptist missionary in Cameroon. He was born in Saxony, Germany, and immigrated to the United States in 1930. After pursuing education at various places, including New York University, he left in 1938 with his wife, Louise, for British Mandated Cameroon under the auspices of the German Baptist Mission. He served in Cameroon until 1948 (and again briefly from 1973 to 1975) and was responsible for significantly reorganizing and expanding the Baptist work there during World War II. He emphasized education work and brought about a legal separation between the German Baptist Mission and Cameroon’s Baptist Mission (U.S.A.). He devised the first general plan for developing and operating Baptist endeavors in western Cameroon, coordinating and expanding the educational, medical, and evangelistic efforts under Cameroonian leadership and with high regard for African customs. In 1946 he received his master’s degree and in 1950 his Ph.D. from the Hartford Seminary Foundation’s Kennedy School of Missions. From 1951 to the present he has been variously professor of missions, librarian, and archivist at the North American Baptist Seminary, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Charles W. Weber


George A. Dunger, “The Dynamics of Religious Behavior of the North-Western Bantu as Illustrated by the Bakweri” (Ph.D. diss., Hartford Seminary Foundation, 1950). Charles W. Weber, International Influences and Baptist Mission in West Cameroon (1993).

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