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Noujaim, Selim Elias

Seventh-Day Adventist

Educator, editor, departmental secretary, administrator. A native of Maassir, E1-Chouf, Lebanon, Noujaim began his work as a teacher in the Egypt Mission, where he also organized schools. He performed this same service in Iraq and Lebanon and emerged as one of the church’s leading educators. Known as a scholar of Arabic, he translated a number of church publications into that language and edited Hope and Health magazine. In the East Mediterranean Union he served as educational secretary as well as temperance and religious liberty secretary, and director of the Voice of Prophecy in that area. His last position was that of president of the Lebanon Mission.

As the first national worker from the Middle East to develop a wide influence of leadership, he provided the church with valuable insights and paved the way for greater national participation in denominational administration.

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