Classic DACB Collection

All articles created or submitted in the first twenty years of the project, from 1995 to 2015.

Aledada, Astarke

Kale Heywet Church

An able young woman and good example to the church, Astarke remained unmarried in order that she might give herself full time in service to the Lord.

Astarke was born in 1957 in Zella Shegne Kebeley of Gamo Gofa Province. Her father was Aledada Abush. She studied through Grade eight and also went to middle-level Bible School.

For nine years, Astarke coordinated the Theological Education by Extension program in her area. She also was a leader in the women’s programs during those years. At various times she suffered persecution because of her faith. She was imprisoned for four years during the Dergue Marxist regime.

She was killed by bandits in 1987 at Uba Kifle Mehibir, Gelletta, while walking back to her home after a teaching seminar. She had a Bible in her hand when she died.

Belaynesh Dindamo


Eyewitnesses from the Zella local church and Goffa District Church Office. Reporting organized by Belaynesh Dindamo.

This article, received in 2004, was researched and written by Belaynesh Dindamo, national staff member of the Kale Heywet Church Women’s Office, under the supervision of Dr. Paul and Mrs. Lila Balisky, DACB Advisory Council members and liaison coordinators at the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology, a DACB Participating Institution.