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Endreyas (‘Éndreyas)

Orthodox Church

‘Éndreyas, (probably fl. late 12th -early 13th century A.D.), was an important ecclesiastical dignitary of Bugena in the reign of Emperor Lalibäla of the Zagwé dynasty. In a land grant made by the Emperor to the monastery of Däbrä Libanos of Simäzana, he is mentioned as holder of the title of qalä-pappas, i.e spokesman or interpreter for the pappas or metropolitan, in the time of the Bishop, or pappas, Mika’él, who may probably be indentified with Abunä Mika’él of Fua, Metropolitan of Ethiopia c. 1205-1209 A.D.

Kinefe-Regb Zelleke and Belaynesh Michael


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This article is reproduced, with permission, from The Dictionary of Ethiopian Biography, Vol. 1 ‘From Early Times to the End of the Zagwé Dynasty c. 1270 A.D.,’ copyright © 1975, edited by Belaynesh Michael, S. Chojnacki and Richard Pankhurst, Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. All rights reserved.