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Michael, Gebhre (A)

Alternate Names: Mikael, Gabra
Catholic Church

Gebhre Michael (or Ghebre Michael; Gabra Micha’el), indigenous pioneer of Ethiopian Catholicism. Gebhre Michael was born in Mertoulé Mariam, Gojjam, Ethiopia. A dissident Coptic monk of deep piety, he was impressed by the theological profundity and personal integrity of Justin (Giustino) de Jacobis, a Vincentian missionary from Naples. Dissatisfied with his own church’s endemic corruption and poorly articulated theology, he became a Catholic in 1844 and embarked upon the work which was to be his major contribution to Ethiopian Catholicism–producing a catechism and translating a textbook of moral theology into Amharic. He was admitted to the Vincentians after being secretly ordained in 1851. Arrested by Coptic authorities for heresy in 1855 he died in August of that year after several months of torture. He was beatified on October 31, 1926.

Jonathan J. Bonk


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