Isenberg, Karl Wilhelm


Karl Wilhelm Isenberg was a missionary and linguist in Ethiopia and India. A German Lutheran, Isenberg trained at the Basel Mission seminary in Switzerland and received Anglican orders in 1832 when accepted by the Church Missionary Society (CMS). He joined Samuel Gobat in Cairo and studied Amharic and Arabic before the two men left for Ethiopia in 1834. After Gobat left Ethiopia in 1836, Isenberg was joined by his fiancée, Henrietta Geerling and J. L. Krapf. His unwillingness to accept Gobat’s advice over the siting of the mission and his inability to reach any accommodation with the Ethiopian Orthodox clergy, led first to the mission’s removal to Shoa and then contributed to its expulsion from Ethiopia in 1843. When it became clear that there was no possibility of returning to Ethiopia, Isenberg transferred to the CMS mission in Bombay where, amidst many activities, he worked briefly in a settlement for freed African slaves, some of whom returned to Africa as evangelists. Diagnosed in India in 1864 as terminally ill, he returned to Germany, died in Stuttgart, and was buried in Korntal.

Isenberg’s Dictionary of Amharic was published in 1841, and a competent grammar the following year, as well as several other books intended for use in the school the mission tried to establish in Ethiopia. This pioneering language work was to be his most significant contribution to mission.

M. Louise Pirouet


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