Yishaq, Abune

Alternate Names: Laeke Mariam Mandefro, Abuna Yesehaq
1933 - 2005
Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church

Archbishop of Western Hemisphere Diocese from 1979-2005. Abune Yishaq was born in Adwa, Tigray on Ham.le 27, 1926 E.c. (Aug. 3, 1933). The name given to him by his parents was Laeke Mariam Mandefro. His father Grazmach Mandefro and his mother Woizero Welete Mesqel were faithful followers of Ethiopian Tewahdo Orthodox Church (ETOC). (…) After the trip, the emperor instructed church officials including Abba Laeke Mariam to bring Rastafarians to the fold of the church. In 1970 Abba Laeke Mariam began to minister specifically to the Rastafarian community… full biography: PDF file

This article, received in 2018, was written by Gabeyehu (Gabe) Adugna, Subject/Liaison Librarian at the African Studies Library at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.