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Reindorf, Carl Christian (A)


Carl Reindorf

Ghanaian churchman. He was the son of a Dane resident at Accra and his wife Anowah Cudjoe, a Ga woman. Born on 31 May 1834, at Prampram, he was at first put under the care of a shrine belonging to the traditional religion of his mother’s people, but fled and went to school in Accra at Christiansborg Castle which belonged to Denmark from the 17th century to 1850. Baptized in 1844, he received schooling from the Basle (Presbyterian) mission, and traded for a time in an interval in his schooling. The mission made him a catechist; he taught literacy in Ga and helped interpret the Bible. He worked in the Krobo district for the missionary Steinhauser, and became a full catechist in 1857. In 1860 he became an assistant teacher at the Akropong Seminary. He retired briefly to his farm, called Hebron, near Aburi in 1862, but resumed missionary work; two efforts to convert the people of Teshie were fruitless at that time. He taught at the new Basle mission school at Christiansborg, then under the British rule.

With British rule still only informal except in forts like Christiansborg, wars broke out in the coastal areas of the Gold Coast before 1874. In two such wars near Accra, the Ada-Awuna War of 1866 and the Ga-Akwamu War of 1869-70, Reindorf (not yet a full minister) served in the forces of the side of the supported, apparently as a noncombatant assistant surgeon. In 1869 - 70, the British at Accra backed the Gas and commended Reindorf’s work.

On 13 October 1872 he was ordained a full minister. He worked at Mayera near Accra first starting a school there and about 1882 moved to Christiansborg where the castle was the seat of government. In 1893 he started a new mission in Accra proper, then separated from Christiansborg. He retired to his farm in 1893 but headed a nearby mission at Adenkrebi.

He published a work for which he is most famous, A History of the Gold Coast and Asante. This painstaking work, based on oral information among other sources, is still useful today. He finished it in 1889.

He was recalled to Christiansborg in 1907, and helped complete the new Ga Bible, published in 1912. He died in 1917. He had married Ayikai Mansah Djebi in 1856, and had eleven children including a famous medical doctor, Dr. Charles Reindorf, who died in 1968.


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