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Fiandrino, Giovanni

Catholic Church

Giovanni Fiandrino was born on October 3, 1903 at Entracque in the province of Cuneo, Italy. He was accepted into the Consolata Missionaries (IMC) by the founder in 1917, was ordained a priest on April 1926, and became a teacher in the IMC seminaries. He left for Kenya in 1934, but during World War II he was taken to South Africa as a prisoner of war. After 1944 he returned to Kenya and until his death he worked in Meru as a teacher. In pastoral services, he was well known for his dedication and his kindness. He died at Nairobi on April 9, 1974 and was buried at Mujwa, Meru.

This article, received in 2005, was reprinted with permission from* Christianity among the Nomads: The Catholic Church in Northern Kenya*, by Paul Tablino, © copyright 2004 by St. Paul Communications / Daughters of St. Paul, Nairobi, Kenya.