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Chiputu, Raphael

Catholic Church

Born in 1909, he was one of the first Malawians to become a priest. He studied for the priesthood at Nguludi Preparatory Seminary, Nankhunda Minor Seminary and Kipalapala Seminary, Tanzania. He was ordained a Catholic priest on 29th September 1940 at a time when the country was still under British colonial authority. In his ministry, he strived to challenge the practices of racial discrimination that were still prevalent in the society and in the Catholic church in Malawi.

As a priest, he served in many Catholic missions: Catholic Institute, Namkhwali, Zomba, Nsipe, Utale, Mwanza, Neno, Nguludi, Phalombe, Namulenga, and Limbe. He was renowned for his intelligence and his quest for justice within the church. He wrote a number of books: Yehova ndi anthu ake *(God and His People), *Pewani kuledzera * (Refrain from alcoholism), *Pewa kuweruza mbale wako (Refrain from judging others).

He died on 21 June 1983.

Stanslaus Muyebe O.P.


“Bambo Chiputu atisiya” in Moni Magazine (August 1983), p. 7.

This article, submitted in 2001, was written and researched by Fr. Stanslaus Muyebe, O.P., author and teacher at Saint Joseph’s Theological Institute in South Africa. Used with permission.