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Crowther, Dandeson Coates (A)

Anglican Communion (Church Missionary Society)

Born September 24, 1844. Native Christian. At Grammar School, Lagos; and 1863, Church Missionary College, Islington. 1870, June 19, ordained a deacon at St. Mary’s, Islington, by Bishop Crowther; 1871, March 12, ordained a priest by the same at Lagos. Stationed in the Niger. Son of Bishop Crowther. Chaplain and Secretary to his father. 1876, Archdeacon of Lower Niger and Delta Stations. 1883, June 6, to England, and September 20 to Niger. 1891, joined the Niger Delta Pastorate. Engaged in translation of Book of Common Prayer into the Ibo language; also portion of Prophet Jeremiah into Yoruba.


Church Missionary Society, Register of Missionaries (Clerical, Lay and Female) and Native Clergy from 1804 to 1904.