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Worgu, Nathan Chinda

Anglican Communion

Elder Nathan Chinda Worgu, called Dede by those who knew him, was a yam and palm oil trader at Okologba,–now called Opobo,–from there he started his church and brought the church to Rumuokwuta. The church started at a place called Orokposara where other members of Rumuokwuta joined him to worship with them.

Elder Woke Wuche,–called Doo in his later years by those who knew him,–Elder Ismeal Amadi Oko and many others also played active roles in the planting and growth of the church.

The first church was build at Amadi Worlu’s compound. The name of that church was St. James (Anglican) Church Rumuokwuta. The church started growing from strength to strength. Then the two churches were joined together by a traveling pastor named Rev. Kelmer and given the name Holy Trinity Church Rumuapara.

Unknown Author


Oral history.

This article was submitted in 2003 by Sam Wodi to Dr. Jonathan Bonk during his 2003 DACB trip to Nigeria.