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Bala, Santino

Catholic Church
South Sudan

A Kakwa, son of Ndoromo and Gire, Santino Bala was born about 1945 at Yaribe, Yei, and baptized in December 1956 by Fr. Tarcisio. He was among the first Rumbek seminarians at Tore in September 1958. Without formal primary education he successfully completed his ecclesiastical studies in Porkele (Minor Seminary), Tore, Kit, and Lachor. He was ordained a priest at Gulu by Bishop C. Kilangire on December 6, 1970. He worked first at Aba, Zaïre, and from 1973 in Yei. He later became a teacher and in 1981 principal in Loka Intermediate School. In 1984 he was appointed rector of the Minor Seminary for Yei area (now Yei Diocese). He died at Yei on July 3, 1987, after a long illness.

V. Dellagiacoma

This article, received in 2005, is reprinted with permission from Sudanese Catholic Clergy, © copyright 1997 by Fr. V. Dellagiacoma (Provincial Comboni House, Khartoum, Sudan).