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Lado, Tarcisio

Catholic Church
South Sudan

A Bari born at Tokiman about 1910, son of Möri and Suköji, Tarcisio Lado was baptized and confirmed at Rejaf about 1921. He was one of the first candidates to enter Okaru Seminary in 1928, then went on to Gulu Seminary for theological courses in 1940 and was ordained a priest on December 17, 1944. After his ordination he exercised his ministry in various places among the Bari people: Rejaf, Kwörijik, Kadule. When the Rumbek Vicariate was erected in 1955 he passed to Yei and Porkele missions. During the 1964 troubles he went to Aba and Kilomines in Zaïre. In 1972 he came back to Yei. He was the first Bari and the first Sudanese priest of modern times, the patriarch, an inspiration to all for his zeal, humility, and charity. He died in Yei on March 26, 1988.

V. Dellagiacoma

This article, received in 2005, is reprinted with permission from Sudanese Catholic Clergy, © copyright 1997 by Fr. V. Dellagiacoma (Provincial Comboni House, Khartoum, Sudan).