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Yukwuan, Pius Deng

Catholic Church
South Sudan

The first Shillu priest, Pius Deng Yukwuan was born at Aweci about 1921 of Deng and Acuki and was baptized at Lul on Christmas Day 1931. He joined the junior seminary in 1937 and Gulu Senior Seminary in 1946. He was ordained at Lul on January 1, 1956 (Independence Day) by recently ordained Bishop Irenaeus Dud. He worked always in Shillukland and at the expulsion of the Mill Hill Missionaries in 1964 he was appointed administrator apostolic of Malakal Prefecture. He became the first bishop of Malakal Diocese on April 6, 1975. After a short episcopate he died in Khartoum hospital on December 2, 1976, and was buried at Malakal.

V. Dellagiacoma

This article, received in 2005, is reprinted with permission from Sudanese Catholic Clergy, © copyright 1997 by Fr. V. Dellagiacoma (Provincial Comboni House, Khartoum, Sudan).