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Cekwane, Timothy (B)

Alternate Names: Cekwana
Presbyterian Church of Africa , Ukukhanya Mission , Ibandla Loku Kanya (Church of the Light)
South Africa

Cekwane was a local preacher in Himeville, Natal, in Mzimba’s Presbyterian Church of Africa, but in 1910 his congregation had a pentecostal experience, and they formed the Church of the Light and their headquarters were called Ekukhanyeni (Sundkler 1976:109-110). Cekwana claimed that they had broken away because the headquarters of the Presbyterian Church in the Cape neglected them. He had been ordained as a minister in 1910, and served as an evangelist for 5 years before that, but had never seen the constitution of the church, or financial reports at conferences. They had formed the Ukukanya Mission in 1928 (NTS 1459 193/214).

Stephen Hayes


Sundkler 1976. Zulu Zion and some Swazi Zionists

SAB NTS 1459 193/214

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