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Doggale, Paolino

Catholic Church
Sudan ,

A Bari, born at Gondokoro about 1921, of Tombe and Nyume, Paolino Doggale was baptized at Rejaf in 1933. He entered Okaru Minor Seminary in 1939 and Gulu Senior Seminary in 1945. He was ordained a priest on December 8, 1953. After a few years of priestly activity in Juba and Rumbek Diocese (1955-) he stood for political elections and was elected for the Constituent Assembly in Khartoum in 1957. When the Parliament was dissolved (November 17, 1958) he returned to priestly work. In 1960 he was arrested for having protested against the abolition of the Sunday holiday and was jailed in Khartoum for four years. He later escaped to Uganda and then to Zaïre. In June 1972 he was appointed administrator apostolic of Juba. From 1975 on he was in Khartoum where he engaged in valuable town ministry and translations. Later he returned to Juba and died on April 18, 1980.

V. Dellagiacoma

This article, received in 2005, is reprinted with permission from Sudanese Catholic Clergy, © copyright 1997 by Fr. V. Dellagiacoma (Provincial Comboni House, Khartoum, Sudan).