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Masanagulilo, Petro Senga Magulya

Africa Inland Church

Petro Senga Magulya Masanagulilo, a Msukuma by tribe of the Bahwela clan at Bukumbi-Mwanza, was born in Buhongwa, Mwanza. His family name was Senga-Magulya and his nickname Masanagulilo (rags). His father’s name was Senga and his mother’s name was Shilingo.

His vision in life was to be a medicine man. He was educated up to the fourth grade which he finished in 1936. He was fluent in Kisukuma, Kikerewe, Kikara, Kijita, and Kiswahili.

His wife’s name, Seke, was changed to Susanah after her baptism. They had nineteen children but the first eight died of measles. Their children were: Ng’wiyalya, Fungo, Bulunda, Mathew, Gidoen, Salome, Samwel, Martha, Ruth, Buyegi, and Kigongo. Their grandchildren were: Monicah, Sama, Stanley, Savonarola, Aristatico, Godfrey, Rose, Leonard, Everin, Kulwa, Majuto, Boaz, Edna, Eliadah, Seke, and Frank.

He received Christ in 1933 at the Lwanhima-AIC church, Nyashishi. In 1935 he felt called to the ministry, and that same year began to lead a local church as unordained pastor. He was ordained in 1960.

He planted churches at Hamuyebe in Ukerewe in 1935 and at Katende-Ukara in 1944. He served the Africa Inland Church in Igala from 1935-1936, in Bukongo from 1937-1944, in Katende from 1945-1959, and in Igaka from 1960-1989.

There are reports of his work, letters and correspondence. He composed songs such as: Nazengelwa Numba Ng’wigulu (I Have A House Built For Me In Heaven), Amezaliwa Mtoto Wa Mungu (God’s Child Is Born), and Makoye Ga Musi Galashila (The World’s Problems Will Soon Be Over).

He is remembered for his leadership, expository preaching, and building of churches. He visited his members frequently and prayed for the sick. People who knew him were Thomas Yegela (deceased) and Reuben Mafuru, Ghana St. Mwanza.

Bela B. Kalumbete


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This article was researched and written by Bela B. Kalumbete, a Project Luke Fellow associated with the Africa Inland Church, Tanzania.