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Njuka, Anna

Africa Inland Church

Anna Njuka, a Msukuma by tribe, was born in a village called Buzige-Kizumbi in Shinyanga, Tanzania. Her father’s name was Jilala and her mother’s name Nkiya. Her family name is Kang’wa and she was also known by her traditional dance name, Nkomba.

During her youth, she had trouble with one of her eyes either through infection or some other sickness. She was educated up to the sixth grade, which she finished in 1938, and spoke fluent Kiswahili.

Her husband was a Msukuma called Philipo Ng’wiza. They had four children: Donald Jilala, Charles Jilala, Robert Jilala, and Manasseh Jilala. Their grandchildren’s names are: Daud Jilala, Edward Jilala, and Gloria Jilala.

She accepted Jesus Christ in 1935 at Kizumbi-Shinyanga in the African Inland Church of Tanzania and heard a call to the ministry in 1951. Her ministry was in public schools. From 1955 until she retired in 1993 she was very involved in women’s ministries, especially organizing seminars for spiritual growth and encouragement. Though she has never published a book, she is well known all over the church for her ministry among women.

Bela B. Kalumbete


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This article, received in 2001, was researched and written by Bela B. Kalumbete, a Project Luke Fellow who is associated with the Africa Inland Church, Tanzania.