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All articles created or submitted in the first twenty years of the project, from 1995 to 2015.

Maddox, Harry Edward

Anglican Communion (Church Missionary Society)

Of the Church Missionary Society. He was educated at University College School and qualified as a surveyor (F.S.I.) in 1896. In 1897 he arrived in Uganda, and worked at Gayaza. In 1899 he was sent to Toro by Bishop Tucker to do translation work. Working with Batporo helpers the most important of whom were Aberi Balya (later to be consecrated bishop) Yosiya Kamuhiigi (one of the first two batoro to be ordained) and Zakaylo Mussna, he was responsible for translating the Bible into Runyoro/Rutoro, and compiling a hymn-book. His Elementary Lunyoro Grammar is still in use. He was ordained deacon in 1908, priest in 1909. He retired in Uganda in 1911.

Louise Pirouet

This article, used by permission, was written by Louise Pirouet, as part of A Dictionary of Christianity in Uganda (Department of Religious Studies, Makerere University College, 1969). Copies available at Africana Section, Makerere University Library (AF Q 276.761 MAK and AR/MAK/99/1); Bishop Tucker Library, Uganda Christian University and in UK at the University of Birmingham; Crowther Centre Library, CMS Oxford and Louise Pirouet Papers, Cambridge Centre of African Studies.