Classic DACB Collection

All articles created or submitted in the first twenty years of the project, from 1995 to 2015.

Pirouet (Appendix A: List of Sources)

Unpublished Material 1. Oral Informants

Aluku, Andereya. (Acoli). Interview by author, September 1, 1964.

Son of Muca Ali, the first convert in Acoli.

Bacwa, Samwiri. (Toro). Interview by author, September 16, 1965.

Born about 1875. A “boy” of the Rev. (later Bishop) A. L. Kitching from 1902-1904. Has lived near Butiti all his life.

Balya, Aberi K. (Toro). Interview by author, September 15, 1965; February 26, 1966.

Right Rev. Balya was born about 1880. First East African to be consecrated bishop in the Anglican Church. Well known locally for his historical knowledge.

Batebe, The (Princess Ruth). (Toro). Interview by author, September 18, 1965.

Daughter of Mukama Daudi Kasagama, and Batebe (royal sister) of his successor, Mukama George Rukiidi.

Binyomo, Ezekieri. (Toro). Interview by author, September 9, 1965.

Rev. Binyomo was born about 1880. Brought up in Kasagama’s enclosure. Worked first as a church teacher and was later ordained. Now living in retirement near Fort Portal.

Bikundi, Isaya. (Bunyoro). Interview by author, June 15 and 20, 1967.

He says “Samuel Baker came to see Kamurasi in 1861, and in 1867 he came to see Kabarega for the first time. That was the year I was born.” So he celebrated his 100th birthday in 1967. Baker actually saw Kabarega for the first time in 1872, but we did not feel it fair to disabuse Bukundi of this cherished notion. Baptized 1901, 1902-1908, gombolola chief; 1915-1921, sekibobo. Now retired and living at Biizi, near Masindi. Apart from the error over his own birth, a reliable informant, who gave us a number of dates which could be checked and all of which proved accurate.

Buningwire, Yoweri. (Ankole). Interview by author, August 4 and 5, 1964; March 1, 1965.

Rev. Canon Buningwire was born about 1881. Came to Kahaya’s court in 1896. One of the early converts to Christianity in Ankole. Now retired at Rutoma near Mbarara.

Byabusakuzi, Paulo. (Toro). Interview by author, September 14, 1965.

Born about 1880. Has worked as a church teacher all his life since 1901.

Dongo, Lucira. (Acoli). Interview by author, by Mr. T. Watson, December 1964.

Widow of Canon Sira Dongo, now living at Masindi.

Emeetai, Tomasi. (Teso). Interview by author, February 27, 1968.

Probably born about 1904. Baptized in 1917 and has worked as a church teacher ever since.

Emulu. (Teso). Interview by author, September 26, 1968.

Born near Ngora about 1890 and has lived in the area all his life.

Emunyele. (Teso). Interview by author, April 3, 1968.

Was an adult when the Baganda first came to Mukongoro, and lives there still.

Enin, Petero. (Lango). Interview by author, September 4, 1964.

Son of Ewot Odora of Lango, and author of a manuscript account of his father’s life now in MUCA.

Fataki, Suleiman. (Bunyoro). Interview by author, August 4, 1967.

Eldest son of Mika Fataki. Now retired and living at Kigaya near Hoima.

Jaasi-Kiiza, Isaac. (Toro). Interview by author, June 28, 1967.

This interview was not tape-recorded but notes were taken. Jaasi-Kiiza is Tutor, Bishop Stuart College, Mbarara. Mr. Jaasi-Kiiza has made a study of some of the traditions of his tribe.

Jawe, Zakayo. (Bunyoro). Interview by author, August 1, 1967. Son of Paulo Byabaowezi. Retired saza chief living near Hoima.

Kaboha, Pancrax, (Toro : Bunyoro). Interview by author, November 8, 1967.

This was not a tape-recorded interview, but notes were taken. Grandson of Leo Kaboha. Kaboha, B.A., after consulting his family, kindly supplied the author with biographical details about his grandfather.

Kabuliiteka, Abiri. (Bunyoro). Interview by author, July 26, 1967.

Son of Yafesi Isingoma, and now a retired church teacher living at Kakindo. Born about 1903.

Kacibala, Malyamu. (Ankole). Interview by author, February 24, 1965.

Niece of Nuwa Mbaguta. Baptized in 1902 at Mbarara. Has worked for the church all her life. Now lives near Rutoma.

Kagwa, Kezekia. (Buganda). Interview by Rev. C. Bamwoze, June 1965.

Canon Kagwa was ordained in 1909, and died in 1967.

Kakumba, Lillian. (Bunyoro). Interviewed by author, July 27, 1967.

Born about 1900. Trained as a church teacher. Wife of Samwiri Kakumba, also a church teacher. They are now both living in semi-retirement at Kigaya.

Kaliisa, Andereya. (Acoli : Bunyoro). Interview by author, July 29, 1967.

Born about 1865. Retired church teacher now living near Hoima.

Kalikuzinga, Simeoni. (Buganda). Interview by Rev. C. Bamwoze, 1965.

Muganda. Remembers the martyrdoms. In 1888 he accompanied the missionaries to Usukuma where he returned as a church teacher in 1891. Subsequently employed by the protectorate government as an interpreter. Now (1966) retired and living near Namirembe.

Kamugisha, F. (Ankole). Interview by author, August 11, 1965.

Primary teacher of the Kabwohe (Kitoju) area.

Kamugungunu, Owek Lazaro. (Ankole). Interview by author,  February 24, 1965 and August 10, 1965.

Born about 1880. Baptized at Mbarara in 1903. Ex-engazi.

Kamukiigi, Yosiah. (Toro). Interview by author, January 21, 1964.

Rev. Kamukiigi was born about 1880. Ordained deacon 1907, priest 1909. Now retired and living at Ngoma.

Kamujanduzi, Edward. (Ankole). Interview by author, February 27, 1965.

Rev. Kamujanduzi is a parish priest of Kinoni. Born about 1895.

Kanyike, Eripasi. (Buganda). Interview by Rev. D. Bamwoze, June, 1965.

Nephew of Rev. Tomasi Semfuma.

Kaparaga, John. (Bunyoro). Interview by author, July 31, 1967.

Catholic catechist, born in Buyaga about 1879, who worked at Bugoma in the first two decades of this century. Still working in Munteme Parish.

Kasaija, Eriya. (Bunyoro). Interview by author, June 17, 1967.

Born about 1902, he has lived in the Masindi area all his life. As a child he lived with his mother on the church mailo at Masindi.

Kashenya, Samuel. (Ankole). Interview by author, February 27, 1965.

Rev. Canon Kashenya is parish priest of Masheruka. Born about 1895.

Kato. (Teso). Interview by author, April 9, 1968.

A Muganda who has lived at Bugondo for approximately 40 years. He was born in N. Bugerere when that area was under the rule of the mubito, Nyamuyonjo. He knew Nyamujonjo and Sodo, an Iteso who was subject to Nyamuyonjo at Mudochi near Bugondo, and held a drum, stool and spear from the Mukama of Bonyoro.

Katoomizi, Tefiro. (Ankole). Interview by author, February 25, 1965.

Baptized 1916. Born c. 1900. Living at Kononi.

Katunji, Owek Erenesiti. (Ankole). Interview by author, February 25, 1965.

Born about 1890. Ex-saza chief and ex-engunzi. Brother of the Most Rev. E. Sabiti.

Kibumbirire, Tomasi. (Bunyoro). Interviewed by author, June 22, 1967.

Born about 1890. Retired church teacher, now living near Hoima.

Kisoro, Sedulaka. (Toro). Interview by author, September 15, 1965.

Baptized 1897. Taught for baptism by Nuwa Nakiwafu. Has been clerk to the rukurato. Now retired and living at Fort Portal.

Kiiza Elifasi. (Bunyoro). Interview by author, August 2, 1967.

In his youth a mugalagala at the court of Mukama Andereya Duhaga. Subsequently an employee of the Bunyoro Kingdom Government; now retired and living near Hoima.

Komakeo, Y. (Acoli). Interview by author, August 31, 1964.

Ven. Archdeacon of Northern Uganda.


Kyaherwa, Franswa. (Bunyoro). Interview by author, July 24, 1967.

Born c. 1885, says he was a grown man when Kabarega was captured by the British. His father was a murusura. Baptized by Fr. Baudouin in 1909. Became a Catholic catechist, and is now semi-retired and living at Nyamigisa, Masindi.

Kyopaali, Zakariya. (Bunyoro). Interview by author, June 16, 1967.

Born about 1885. Taught to read and trained as a general carpenter and handyman by Rev. H. W. Regart.

Latigo, Alipayo. (Acoli). Interview by author, August 26, 1964.

Rev. Canon Latigo was born about 1900-1905. Author of several vernacular manuscripts accounts of Acoli lore and history, some of which are now in MUCA.

Lugaca, Yasoni. (Acoli). Interview by author, August 27, 1964.

Ewot Lugaca is the son of Ewot Iburahima Awie, and an early a convert to Christianity.

Lukayi, A. (Bunyoro). Interview by author, August 3, 1967.

Son of Mika Fataki. Educated at Budo. Now retired and living at Kigaya near Hoima.

Lukungu, Petero. (Teso : Musoga). Interview by Rev. C. Bamwoze, Jun 16, 1966.

Canon Lukungu worked in the Upper Nile Diocese, mainly Teso, from 1911-1947 when he retired to Busoga.

Mbabi-Katana, S. (Bunyoro). Interview by author, December 1967.

This was not a tape-recorded interview, but notes were taken. Son of Daudi Mbabi. In this conversation Mr. Mbabi-Katana, M.A., L.R.A.M, amplified points made in his obituary of his father. (See Mbabi-Katana, S. “Death of Daudi Mbabi, Grand Old Many of Buynoro,” Uganda Herald, July 25, 1953.)

Masa, Musa. (Bunyoro). Interview by author, November 1, 1967.

Born 1900. All his life a resident of Bugoma.

Muherya, H. D. (Bunyoro). Interviewed by author, July 28, 1967.

Rev. Muherya is the son of Rev. Andereya Dwakaikara.

Mukidi, E. M. (Toro). Letter of September 1967.

Granddaughter of Petero Tigwezire. In the letter, she gave details of her grandfather’s life.

Mutunzi, Aloni. (Bunyoro). Interview by author,  June 16, 1967.

Born about 1885. Son of Buhanga, a servant of Kabarega who carried the mukama’s spear. For a time, a church teacher at Masindi. Now working as a cook at Kabarega School.

Nyakabwa, Eseri. (Toro). Interview by author, September 18, 1965.

Born c. 1888. Became a church teacher in 1902, and is still (1968) alive and active.

Nyakatura, Omun John. (Bunyoro). Interview by author, June 21 and August 1, 1967.

These were not tape-recorded interviews, but notes were taken. Author of Abakama by Bunyoro-Kitara. St. Justin PQ Canada, 1947.

Nyamayarwa, Samwiri. (Bunyoro). Interview by author, August 2, 1967.

Baptized at Bugoma in 1904, being then aged about 16. Worked as a church teacher for a time and was then employed for a number of years by the Bunyoro Kingdom Government. Now living in retirement near Hoima.

Obaya, Feisto. (Bunyoro). Helped to translate an interview with Musa Masa, q.v., October 31, 1967, Bugoma. Rev. Obaya is Parish priest of Kgaya, which includes Bugoma.

Obi, Zebedayo. (Acoli). Interview by author, August 27, 1964.

Convert to Christianity after the return of the missionaries in 1913. Has lived near Gulu all his life.

Obura, Samusoni. (Lango). Interview by author, January 15, 1968.

This was not a tape-recorded interview, but notes were taken. Ven. Archdeacon of Lango.

Odiit, S. (Teso). Interview by author, April 7, 1968.

Ven. Odiit was one of the first two Iteso to be ordained in the Anglican Church. Has an extensive personal knowledge of the early converts in Teso.

Odurkene, J. N. (Lango). 1967.

Third year Makerere history student who collected material from Lango from Petero Enin (q.v.) and Lakaliya Ishengeze about the early days of Christianity in Lango and translated it.

Oguti, Mikaeri. (Teso). Interview by author, April 9, 1968.

Ex-etom chief, and one of the early pupils of Ngora High School. Has lived at Kyere most of his life, except during 1927-1941 when he was chief at Bugondo, then a far more important place than it is today.

Okech, Lacito. (Acoli). Interview by author, August 25, 1964.

Ewot Okech is a retired county chief, and early convert to Christianity in Acoli. Author of Tekwaro ki ker Lobo Acoli q.v.

Okerinyang’, Yakobo and Andereya Okwaling’a. (Teso). Interview by author, April 3, 1968.

Brothers, both from Mukongoro, where they have lived all their lives

Okwerede, Yakobo. (Teso). Interview by author, April 10, 1968.

Ex-ekubu chief and one of the early converts to Teso, and an active member of the church all his life, serving both on Synod and the parish council.

Olal, Andereya. (Acoli). Interview by author, August 17, 1964.

Ewot Andereya is the son of Okellomwaka; early convert to Acoli, baptized in 1906. Made ewot in 1914. Now retired and living at Bobi.

Oluol, Elieza. (Lango). Interview by author, April 4, 1968.

This interview was not tape-recorded but notes were taken. Ewot Oluol was an early convert to Christianity in the Aduku area of Lango. Now retired and living near Lira.

Omagi, Suleiman. (Acoli). Interview by author, August 20, 1964.

Son of Ewot Ibwahimu Awie. Now retired and living near Ooekooot [illegible].

Ong’ola, Samwiri. (Teso). Interview by author, February 23, 1968.

Rev. Canon Ong’ola was born about 1905. One of the first two men to be ordained in Teso. Has a more extensive knowledge of traditional history than is common among the Iteso.

Otin, Thomas. (Lango). Interview by author, September 4, 1964.

Agricultural Officer, Lira, who remembers Sira Dongo when he worked in Lango.

Rugungura, Andereya. (Ankole). Interview by author, February 25, 1965.

Retired muluka chief.

Rwabite, Petero. (Ankole). Interview by author, August 11, 1965.

Church teacher in Ankole, Kabwohe area.

Rwakahumire, Andereya. (Toro). Interview by author, September 13, 1965.

Retired church teacher of Kibumbi, Kitagwenda. Born in the reign of Kabarega.

Schofield, Mrs. A. T. (Toro). Interview by author, February 28, 1967.

The interview was not tape-recorded but notes were taken. Wife of Dr. A. T. Schofield who spent some years in Toro in the 1920s and 1930s.

Shalita, Kosiya. (Ankole).

The Right Rev. Shalita is Bishop of Ankole¾Kigezi (now Ankole). He read through the complete manuscript in Ankole and made suggestions.

Tibanagwa, Mrs. Dina. (Bunyoro). Interview by author, July 29, 1967.

As a child brought up by the missionaries, especially Miss Wright, at Hoima. Was trained as a teacher in Toro by Miss Pike and Hana Kageye.

2. Archives, Diaries, etc.

(See Appendix B of Pirouet’s dissertation, noted above)

Baskerville, G. K. Journals. 1891-1900. (In MUCA).

Bond, H. M. (Mrs. Ashton Bond). Bond Letters, 1901-1908. (Xerox copies in MUCA by courtesy of Miss Margaret Bong.)

Church Missionary Society. Archives. 1890-1914. Series G3/A5. G3/A7. (Microfilm copies, MUCA).

Church of Uganda. Ankole Baptism Register. 1902-1908. (A photocopy of the first 1,000 entries is in MUCA).

———. Baptism Register, Namirembe Cathedral. 1900 - (Kept in Cathedral).

———. Butiti Baptism Register. 1896 – (At Butiti).

———. Gulu Documents. These consist of: Keyo Baptism Register, Gulu Baptism Register, Gulu Service Book, Gulu Account Book, Gulu Church Council Minutes. (Deposited in MUCA by courtesy of the Right Rev. J. K. Russell.)

———. Hoima Baptism Register. 1900-1917. (Photostat copy in MUCA).

———. Hoima Service Book. 1909 – (At Hoima).

———. Kabarole Baptism Register. 1896. (At Kabarole).

———. Kabarole Church Council Minutes. 1898–1903. (Photocopy in MUCA).

———. Masindi Baptism Register. 1899–1930. (Photocopy in MUCA).

———. Masindi Marriage Register. 1900-1914. (At Masindi).

———. Masindi Service Book. 1909–1916. (At Masindi).

———. Minutes of the Theological Board. 1909-1926. (In MUCA).

———. Ngora Baptism Register. 1906-1921. (Photocopy in MUCA).

———. Ngora Communicants Register. 1911 – 1927. (At Ngora),

———. Record Book. (In Archbishop’s office, Namirembe).

———. Teachers’ Record 1898-1902. In the handwriting of the Rev. R. H. Walker. Namirembe Cathedral. (Copy in MUCA).

———. Toro Women Teachers’ Record. 1902-1922. (Photocopy in MUCA).

Clayton, H. and Mrs. Clayton Letters, 1897–1904. (Copies in MUCA).

Dwakaikara, A. and H. D. Muherya. The Life of Andereya Dwakaikara. (Photocopy and translation in MUCA).

Enin, Petero. Life of Ewot Daudi Odora. (Photocopy and translation in MUCA).

Fisher, A. B. Fisher Papers. (Microfilm in MUCA).

Ladbury, H. B. and Mrs. Ladbury Journals. 1904-1954. This consists of

a) Letter Book: Copies of letters written by Rev. H. B. Ladbury.

b) Mrs. Ladbury’s journal.

c) Rev. H. B. Ladbury’s Journal. 1904-1954.

Referred to in References as Ladbury Journals, Letter Book; Ladbury Journals, Mrs. Ladbury; Ladbury Journals. (All in MUCA).

Willis, John Jamieson. Willis Journal. 1902-1902. (Xerox copy in MUCA by courtesy of Ven. Archdeacon Cobham).

3. Unpublished Typescripts

Hellberg, C. J. and Kajerero, A. Andereya Kageroro: The Man and His Church. n.d. (Typescript in MUCA.)

Ogwal, Reuben. The Coming of Christianity to Lango. n.d. (Typescript and translation in MUCA.)

Willis, John Jamieson. Visit to Uganda, 1933. (Xerox copy of typescript in MUCA by courtesy of Ven. Archdeacon Cobham.)

PUBLISHED MATERIALS 4. Books and Pamphlets

Ashe, R. P. Two Kings of Uganda. London, 1890.

———. Chronicles of Uganda. London, 1894.

Church Missionary Society. A Register of Missionaries and Native Clergy: 1804–1904. Printed for private circulation, 1905. (referred to as A Register).

Cook, A. R. Uganda Memories. Entebbe, 1945.

Empango Celebrations Committee. Omurwa Babajawarakondo ba Bunyoro-Kitara. Published in Runyoro and English, Uganda, 1967.

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5. Periodicals

Church Missionary Society, London. Annual Reports.

———. Church Missionary Intelligencer which became Church Missionary Review after 1906.

———. Church Missionary Gleaner (intended for a more popular readership).

Church Missionary Society, Uganda. Bunyoro Church Magazine.1931-1940. (Published in Bunyoro).  (See Appendix B of Pirouet’s dissertation, noted above).

———. Mengo Notes, 1900–January 1902.

———. Uganda Notes. February 1902-1913.

———. Uganda Notes and Diocesan Gazette. 1914.

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K. W. (Sir Tito Winyi, based on information given him by his father, Kabarega. The initials stand for Kabarega and Winyi.)

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Mbabi-Katana, S. “Death of Daudi Mbabi, Grand Old Man of Bunyoro.” Uganda Herald, July 25, 1953.

SECONDARY SOURCES Unpublished Material I. Theses

Low, D. A. (1957(ii)). “The British and Uganda, 1862-1900.” Ph.D. Thesis, University of Oxford, 1957.

Williams, T. S. M. “The Protestant Church in Nkondo.” M.A. Thesis, University of East Africa, 1965.

II. Unpublished Typescripts

Bishop, A. M. and D. Ruffell. A History of the Upper Nile Diocese, n.d. (Typescript in MUCA.)

Nyakazingo, Moses. In his third year as an undergraduate (1966) M. Nakazingo wrote a research paper on Kasagama from which he allowed the author to make notes.

Odurtene [handwritten, partially illegible].

Olal, Andereya [handwritten, partially illegible].

Published Material III. Books and Pamphlets

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IV. Articles

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