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Brubaker, Henry Heisey

Brethren in Christ

Henry Heisey Brubaker was a Brethren in Christ (BC) missionary in Rhodesia. He was born near Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and attended Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania. Following ordination to the ministry in 1922, he began 29 years of missionary work in Southern and Northern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe and Zambia, respectively). In 1929 he became superintendent of BC missions in Africa; while on furlough in 1932 he was ordained a bishop. In addition to denominational duties, he served on the executive committee of the Southern Rhodesia Missionary Conference, edited tracts in the Sindebele language and served on an inter-mission language committee dealing with matter concerning Sindebele. For many years he also wrote Sunday school lesson helps for Ubaq, a South African paper published in Zulu. Following his retirement from mission work, he served as president of Niagara Christian College in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and as secretary of the BC Church in North America. He spent his last years in Upland, California, where he was minister of visitation in the local congregation until his death.

E. Morris Sider


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