New Developments!

Since January of 2014, the DACB homepage and Web site have a new look. The main template now has new colors and a slightly modified design. The homepage has received a complete makeover in the interest of offering a more user-friendly experience to our readers. In order to highlight the many resources of the DACB, the new homepage now offers links to featured themes and articles on the Web site. In addition, the “Research Resources” box links to outside Web sites that can be of use to scholars of African Christianity (this includes missions and global Christianity as well). The content of these various boxes rotates on a weekly, semi-weekly, or monthly basis.

We recently added a new page for Readers’ Comments. We welcome your feedback and your anecdotes or memories about people in the DACB. We share a selection of this feedback from our readers on this page. Please write us at [email protected].

More significant are the changes in the administrative structure of the DACB. There is now an Editorial Committee that meets bi-annually for planning and a new Advisory Council, composed of prominent African leaders either in academic institutions or in regional and continent-wide organizations related to the church and to theological education. For more news, please read our January 2014 newsletter.

Between January 1 and March 13, 2014, the DACB Web site received close to 90,000 unique visitors.