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Nakiwafu, Nuwa

Anglican Communion (Church of Uganda)

[TORO, BUNYORO, ANKOLE. Clan: Nyonyi. Muganda]

Rev. Nuwa Nakiwafu’s father was a well-known priest of the traditional religion at Kabaka Mwanga’s court, and Nakiwafu and his brother would go round with charms. After he had heard of the Christian God he became unhappy about this. He secretly got hold of a copy of St. Matthew’s Gospel in Kiswahili printed by Mackay, learned to read it and was converted to Christianity.[1] About 1893-1894 he was working with the Rev. A. B. Fisher in Singo.[2] In 1894 he was one of the first evangelists to go to Toro, and here he became a favorite of Kasagama and Hana Kageye, and these taught him Rutoro. He remained in Toro until 1897 when he seems to have returned to Namirembe.[3] On May 28, 1899 he was ordained deacon by Bishop Tucker, and he was then sent to Bunyoro where he at first worked with Tomasi Semfuma. On January 23, 1901 he was ordained priest and was put in charge of the work at Hoima. He remained in Bunyoro until 1912 when the first Bunyoro were ordained priest, and were able to take over from him.[4] From 1912-1914 he worked at Ndeje, and then moved to Namirembe. In 1917 he spent a year at Mbarara in Ankole. From 1918 until his retirement in 1930 he worked at [illegible].[5]

Louise Pirouet

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