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November 2022

NOVEMBER 1: Roberta Chukwuma Amoah

1931-2014, Seventh-Day Adventist, Ghana

Known as Aunty Esi to her church members at the Madina Central Seventh Adventist Church, Roberta Chukwuma Amoah was a woman of prayer who served as a cook for pastors at annual camp meetings of the district. She sacrificed her means and energy for the sake of the church.

NOVEMBER 2: Wyson Moses Kauzobafa Jele

1929-2015, Central African Presbyterian Church, Malawi

While pursuing his diploma in theology at Emmanuel Bible College in Birkenhead, near Liverpool, England, he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Theology by a group of London theologians who wanted to honor him for his skill in preaching.

NOVEMBER 3: Vincent Machozi,

1965-2016, Catholic Church, Democratic Republic of Congo

On March 20, 2016, Vincent Machozi was gunned down by a group of armed militants in Butembo, DRC for his public witness and his commitment to giving a voice to the voiceless.

NOVEMBER 4: Vidah Norley Mensah

1940-2010, Seventh-Day Adventist, Ghana

Vidah Norley Mensah carried the nickname “Ellen White” for her concern for modest dressing and discipline. She worked as a lecturer in the theology department of Valley View University, Accra, and published several articles on Christian living, dressing, and spiritualism.

NOVEMBER 5: Pierre Sallah

1796-1852, Methodist, Gambia

Pierre Sallah was among the first indigenous men to be ordained as an assistant minister in the Methodist Church in Gambia in 1831. His involvement in a complaint about the conduct of two western missionaries of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society led to his suspension over charges of disobedience.

NOVEMBER 6: Joseph Egyir-Paintsil,

1928-1981, The Church of Pentecost, Ghana

Joseph Egyir-Paintsil’s keynote speech at the Ghana Congress on Evangelization in 1977 drew attention to missions, contextualization, and the rising impact of Third World Pentecostalism on global Christianity.

NOVEMBER 7: Musa Abdullahi Yousif

1928-2005, Independent, Sudan

In 1948 Musa Abdullahi Yousif met a five-hundred-year-old man who transformed his life and made him an evangelist to his people in the city of Um Rawaba.

NOVEMBER 8: Lucius of Cyrene

0000s, Ancient Christian Church, Libya

First mentioned in the book of Acts 13:1, Lucius of Cyrene became the first bishop of Cyrene (following Mark) and led the infant church there.

NOVEMBER 9: Manche Masemola

1913-1928, Anglican Communion, South Africa

Manche Masemola, a teenage convert in the Anglican Church in Sekhukhuneland, was popularized after her death. She was hailed as a martyr for her commitment and allegiance to Christ, and her statue was put above the west door of Westminster Abbey in 1998.

NOVEMBER 10: John Deogratis Balabyekubbo,

1900s, Prayer Palace Christian Center, Uganda

While on a mission trip to the US, John Balabyekubbo saw a dream where an angel of God told him to teach his people in Uganda how to fast, pray, and believe in God’s healing power. This prompted Balabyekubbo to lead large crusades in Uganda.

NOVEMBER 11: Albert John Mvumbi Luthuli

1898-1967, Congregational, South Africa

Albert John Mvumbi Luthuli was involved in the resistance against white supremacy for more than three decades. He won the Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violence resistance to the apartheid regime.

NOVEMBER 12: John Gatu

1925-2017, Presbyterian, Kenya

John Gatu was a Kenyan Presbyterian pastor, revivalist, ecumenist, peacemaker, poet, and orator. He is also remembered for his mediatory leadership at times when Kenya was politically polarized.

NOVEMBER 13: Peter Mitirikia

1909-1979, African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa, Kenya

Peter Mitirikia was active in founding many AICPA churches and started schools that preserved and embraced African cultures.

NOVEMBER 14: Diana Ng’ou Njagi,

1927-2015, Anglican Communion, Kenya

Diana Ng’ou Njagi founded the Kogari Anglican Church in Kenya in Embu diocese. She was a prophetess who saw visions and many of her prophecies came to pass.

NOVEMBER 15: David Zakayo Kivuli

1896-1974, African Israel Church Nineveh, Kenya

David Zakayo Kivuli was the founder and high priest of Africa Israel Church Nineveh. He was a charismatic leader, one who had the ability to combine Roho spirituality with a particular concern for grassroots development.

NOVEMBER 16: Moses Orimolade Tunalose

1879-1933, Cherubim and Seraphim Society (Aladura), Nigeria

“Baba Aladura” Orimolade is the acclaimed father of Africa Indigenous Churches in Nigera. He was one of the first Aladura prophets to introduce faith healing into Christianity in Nigeria.

NOVEMBER 17: Loginus

500s, Coptic Church, Egypt

Loginus was a pioneer evangelist of Nubia. He was a Syrian Monophysite long imprisoned in Constantinople for his theological beliefs.

NOVEMBER 18: Harsh Ramolefhe

1921-2004, United Congregational Church of Southern Africa, Botswana

The ecumenical movement in Botswana owes a great deal to Harsh Ramolefhe. As General Secretary of Botswana Bible Society, he initiated the translation of the Bible into Setswana in a version that could be understood in Botswana.

NOVEMBER 19: Peter Kinyanjui Macharia

1921-2003, Catholic Church/Anglican Communion, Kenya

Peter Kinyanjui Macharia started several congregations, schools, a college, and several hospitals in Kenya. His goal was to promote religious life, empower people through education, and help young people develop their life and career.

NOVEMBER 20: Ruth Ketlhapile Motsete

1949-2008, Catholic Church, Botswana

Ruth Ketlhapile Motsete contributed significantly to the ecumenical movement in Botswana and served the Botswana Christian Council for a decade. Her main contribution was towards human rights and advocacy for women’s issues.

NOVEMBER 21: Jacob Thibile Liphoko

1944-2002, Methodist, Botswana, Lesotho

Jacob Thibile Liphoko was a translator, historian, and author of several books - Lest we forget, Ke tla dira morafe o mogolo ka wena (Culture and Traditions of Israel, Book 2), Doing Theology in Botswana and Pastoral Counselling, etc.

NOVEMBER 22: Wangari Maathai

1940-2011, Catholic Church, Kenya

Wangari Maathai was a Kenyan environmentalist who began the Greenbelt Movement in 1977 with the idea that paying women to plant trees would lift them out of poverty and reforest the land.

NOVEMBER 23: Benjamin Appiah Kubi

1949-2017, Seventh-Day Adventist, Ghana

Benjamin Appiah Kubi was a key player in the music ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (SDA) in Ghana. He was the founder of the Advent Heralds one of the oldest SDA singing groups in Ghana.

NOVEMBER 24: Thomas Kawa Brem-Wilson

1855-1929, Sureway International Ministries (Pentecost), Ghana

Thomas Kawa Brem-Wilson was born in Ghana and migrated to Britain in 1901. There he established the first modern Black Pentecostal Church in 1907.

NOVEMBER 25: Joseph Elisa Isholibo Saai

1911-1986, Church of Christ in Sudan Among the Tiv, Nigeria

One of Joseph Elisa Isholibo’s outstanding attributes was his insistence on due process in all decision-making and actions in the church. He never left room for ethnic or clan-related favors. The federal government of Nigeria recognized his leadership qualities, and President Shehu Shagari made him a Member of the Order of Nigeria (MON) in 1982.

NOVEMBER 26: Silas Javan Aggrey Owiti,

1924-2018, Voice of Salvation and Healing Church, Kenya

A part of the Rwanda Revival group, Silas Javan Aggrey Owiti led the independent group in its organization and eventual registration in 1956 as “Voice of Worldwide Salvation & Healing Revival.” This was later changed to Voice of Salvation and Healing Church. Owiti was the overall leader of the church.

NOVEMBER 27: Samuel Habib

1928-1997, Coptic Evangelical Church, Egypt

Samuel Habib was an Egyptian Presbyterian church leader, development strategist, and ecumenical advocate. He was the moderator of the Coptic Evangelical Church from 1983-84.

NOVEMBER 28: Cuthbert Alban Ramasodi Motsepe,

1920-2008, Anglican Communion, Botswana

The ecumenical movement in Botswana saw its success due to the initiative and determination of Cuthbert Alban Ramasodi Motsepe. He is remembered in Botswana as one of the main figures who contributed tremendously towards the formation of the Botswana Christian Council (BCC).

NOVEMBER 29: Tennis Alfas Mutowa

-d. 2018, Church of the Nazarene, Zimbabwe

Tennis Alfas Mutowa was among the first converts when the Church of Nazarene entered Zimbabwe. He was a gifted evangelist and planted several churches.

NOVEMBER 30: Abias Secretarios Kuvaluka

1917-2006, Evangelical Church of Angola, Angola

Even in the middle of a war, Abias Secretarios Kuvaluka was involved in planting churches in difficult areas from an isolated mission station of Swiss missionaries. He was one of the few Angolans willing to accept the challenge of being an evangelical pastor in a country with a Catholic majority.

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