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Quick Facts

Population 2020: 25,958,000,
58% Urban

Christians: 61.3%
Muslims: 20.5%
Ethnoreligionists: 17%

Number of Christians: 15,922,000

Catholics: 7,055,000
Protestant: 6,000,000
Independent: 1,630,000
Orthodox: 1,400

Sources: Graphic: Operation World; Data: World Christian Database accessed April 2020


Name Affiliation Country Languages
Faye, Joseph Catholic Church (Holy Ghost Fathers) Senegal Cameroon FR
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Name Affiliation Country Languages
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Name Affiliation Country Languages
Garba, André Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon Cameroon Central African Republic FR
Keller, Jean Paris Evangelical Missionary Society Cameroon Gabon Senegal FR
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